Qwids 2017 Wrap up

2017 was a year of learning and change for the Qwids project. Here’s a brief run through of what happened this year. Research In January we interviewed YouTuber Simon Berneblad, to get his take on the influencer economy, we learned about how he works with brands that want to promote on his social channels and […]

When you are (almost) ​going to San Francisco

Hey Qwidsters! Its been a long time! We hope you had a great summer and are refreshed and rejuvenated and ready to start moving ahead with us in to Autumn 2017, we have some exciting news. Qwids is partnering up with Flower Beam, The online portal to Nordic Impact Week at SOCAP 2017. Beginning October […]

Why can’t we be friends? (4 MIN)

BETA UPDATE #12 It seems that looking back on our blog post 13 Broken Tags (4 min read), it’s clear now that the cracks were beginning to show in our early stage relationship with Instagram even before then. We were using Instagram’s free limited API access to allow our system at Qwids to scan and see when a […]

VIDEO: Sneak Peek at Qwids iOS Native Mobile App

Got a spare 4 minutes? Check out the latest version of the Qwids iOS Mobile App. Want to learn more? if you are a brand owner or manager and are looking to try something new, head over to qwids.biz to learn more and register your intetest today! Just want to stay up to date? Head over to […]

The Brand side of Qwids (2 min read)

The brand side of Qwids. In its most simplest form Qwids can be explained by separating the two sides of an interaction that can take place, the brand side & the user side. In this post we will focus on the brand side: (Not reading right now? watch the 1:38 infographic video below instead) After a brand has […]

Qwids OPEN (1 min read)

The Qwids OPEN brand account is exactly that. OPEN! Now anybody can try Qwids as a brand, what missions and offers will you come up with? The password is 33omslWE and the username is rich tella. ATTENTION: This account is for testing the Qwids service openly, the missions and offers can be generated by anyone […]