BETA UPDATE #2 After working with Qwids for some time now; working in parallel with our early adopters, a number of issues have begun to show themselves which is great as it allows for us to adapt and improve Qwids in real time. In the past few weeks we have been publishing missions, monitoring […]



  IDENTIFYING THE PROBLEMS QWIDS SOLVES In an industry with much turmoil, Qwids can be presented as a good solution to many of the current problems facing consumers and advertisers. One such problem Qwids solves, is that of combating ad blocking software. Lets face it, when you see a pop up ad online it doesn’t […]

The Real Qwids Mission (3 min read)

When you think of what Qwids really is trying to achieve; are you still confused? Alternatively, perhaps you are acutely aware of the challenges Qwids has in gaining traction. It could be that you have already asked those difficult questions that are yet to be answered. Well, we are continually looking for the answers to these questions […]

Constellations. Not business-as-usual (2min Read)

Some months ago i was lucky enough to come across a Facebook post shared in the Strangans Business Park facebook group. The post led me to this article written by Jonas Bergvall Founder at Enterprise Crew. After doing a little research on Jonas, i discovered that he is well-versed in the subject of Ethnography, a subject […]

Qwids OPEN (1 min read)

The Qwids OPEN brand account is exactly that. OPEN! Now anybody can try Qwids as a brand, what missions and offers will you come up with? The password is 33omslWE and the username is rich tella. ATTENTION: This account is for testing the Qwids service openly, the missions and offers can be generated by anyone […]